Ireland: Settling In / Studying Abroad at UCC

Seagulls Have Irish Accents Too

25 Fun Facts Learned Thus Far (First 5 days)

  1. You don’t stand in a “line”, you stand in a “queue”.
  2. They’re not “fries”, they’re “chips”.
  3. They say “half 9, half 10, etc.”…meaning 9:30, 10:30.
  4. Electrical outlets have 2 prongs on the bottom and one on top.
  5. When a light switch is down, it is on, and when it is up, it is off.
  6. Normally if my shower was one degree colder, ice cubes would be coming out of the shower head, but today the shower was hot for the entire 4.3 minutes.
  7. The ovens have two dials. One has degrees in Celsius and the other has confusing pictures. One picture is a fan. Another is a sweating fan. Another has a squiggly line at the top, and another is a light bulb. My first attempt at using the oven went well…the result of many lucky guesses.
  8. Coins are actually worth something here. So that’s new. There are €1 and €2 coins. Which are currently equivalent to $1.32 and $2.64.
  9. It’s more like a rainforest here than I expected. A lot of birds and lime green plants. Vines and moss grow everywhere.
  10. Yards are not called yards, they are gardens. A lot of them literally have edges that small babies could fall off of. They don’t blend into the side walk, they look like they were just chopped off and set down on the ground. But they’re quite luscious.
  11. There are clubs that are 21+, even though the drinking age is 18.
  12. You can drink the water and it tastes great. And that says a lot coming from a girl who normally doesn’t drink water.
  13. It’s more humid than I expected (not hot/sticky humid though). Regardless, I’ll rarely be straightening my hair because I’ll probably look like this 5 minutes after I attempt to do so.
  14. “Garbage” is called “litter”.
  15. People stop you on the sidewalk out of the blue (while they are driving) to tell you random facts about their city.
  16. I was assuming there was no law against dogs pooping on the sidewalk (because it’s everywhere), but apparently there is. I saw this sign yesterday.
  17. Church of St. Finbarr South, South Chapel, is the oldest Catholic Church in use in Cork.
  18. One hour classes normally start 5 minutes late and end 10 minutes early. So they are really 45 minutes. 2 hour classes are generally an hour and 35 minutes. If you don’t get out 20 minutes early, you’ll have a 20 minute break in the middle.
  19. Generally classes meet once a week for 2 hours. That’s it. And there’s not much homework, if any.
  20. Seagulls have Irish accents too according to Sam Mead.
  21. They drop swear words like it’s nobody’s business. They don’t say them ridiculously often, but when they do it’s no big deal. Even professors do.
  22. Their washing machines and dryers are all one machine…nice little washer-dryer combos.
  23. The “Dollar Menu” at McDonald’s is called the “Euro Saver”.
  24. There is no tax like we have in the states. If a dress is €10, you pay €10. But they do have VAT, or value added tax.
  25. Cork is a nice place to live. (The peach/pink building is our apartment.)

2 thoughts on “Seagulls Have Irish Accents Too

    • Haha well it’s keeping me in suspense, so I figure it’s only fair! I have absolutely no idea what the sweating fan symbol means. I tested out the box with the squiggly line last night and it worked quite well.

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