Ireland: Modules (Classes) / Studying Abroad at UCC

Eventually I found all the right classrooms…

This post is a little dry. Sorry. I couldn’t figure out how to make class descriptions interesting. But believe it or not, I AM actually taking classes while I’m here. We began classes this past Monday, but our schedules aren’t set in stone until next week Friday when we register. We essentially have the first two weeks to “shop around” and see which classes we like. Their classes here are called “modules” and they seem much more relaxed than the classes we have back in the states. There’s no “real” homework that you actually turn in and usually there’s only about one or two assessments during the entire semester.

I’m going to be taking either 5 or 6 modules here, I haven’t decided yet, but I do have to decide by tomorrow! I have all of my modules picked out, I’m just trying to decide how many I actually want to take (and whether I want to give up a 3 day weekend or not).

Currently I will be taking:

  1. Aspects of Irish Folklore
    • This course seems pretty interesting! It’s basically an introduction to Irish folklore and tradition. It’s my biggest class with about 130 students, the rest have between 20 and 40.
    • This class consists of visiting students…so no Irish students.
    • We meet on Tuesdays for 1 hour and on Thursdays for 1 hour.
    • And there’s no required textbook, no homework, and only one exam at the end of the semester…worth 100% of our grade (so that’s a little scary!)
  2. People, Place, Politics Ireland
    • I think I’ll learn a ton in this one. Today our professor went around the room, introducing each of us and informing us of the origin of our last names. Riley (even though it’s spelled different than Reilly or O’Reilly) traditionally is Celtic or Gaelic Irish, I think he said it originates from an area called Cavan, Ireland.
    • This class is another one that is only open to international students, not Irish.
    • We meet on Wednesdays for 2 hours and will always start 5 minutes late.
    • And this includes 2 City Field Trips, one paper, one 35 question multiple choice quiz in March, and no final examination. Plus no need to buy any textbooks!
  3. Intro to Music in Modern Ireland
    • This class is exactly the title. Should be fun! Our professor recommends that we attend free lunchtime concerts…I think I can do that.
    • This one is also only for international students.
    • We meet for one hour each week on Tuesdays.
    • This includes 2 papers…and the recommendation to go see live music at pubs. Seems feasible.
  4. Food Choice Analysis
    • I had this class today for the first time and it’s very interesting! We will be looking at the tools and methodologies related to marketing food products. It’s a little tricky when the professor and students continually reference food brands in Ireland, but I think I’ll catch on to a few of them eventually. The most common reference thus far has been Jameson Whiskey, so at least I recognize that one.
    • I’m pretty sure I’m the only American in this class, so that’s a welcome change!
    • We meet for 2 hours on Wednesdays.
    • This class has an end of year examination that makes up 100% of our grade.
  5. Market Research
    • I haven’t had this one yet, but it fulfills a requirement for my major at St. Norbert, so hopefully I like it! I will be attending it for the first time on Friday.
  6. International Management and Marketing Practice with a special focus on the EU
    • This is the class I’m still debating whether or not I’m going to take it. It’s a 10 credit course here which is equivalent (credit-wise) to 2 classes. What’s cool about it, is each week there is a different lecturer who talks about their area of expertise including: International management practices, International marketing practices, Tourism marketing, Operations management, Human resource management, Globalisation, Family business management, Social media marketing, and Relationship marketing.
    • It’s too broad and not a high enough level class to transfer back to St. Norbert as a marketing elective, but it seems really beneficial! Plus, it includes an all day Saturday field trip and a few day trips to local businesses where we’ll hear from marketing managers and CEOs.
    • This class meets on Monday mornings, so if I pick it up, I’ll be giving up a 3 day weekend. So many decisions…

I’m hoping my wonderful first impressions of these classes hold up. They seem lovely.


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