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I’ll probably have a concert when I come home…

So I’m adding another module. Tin Whistle. Never contemplated learning how to play the tin whistle, but both of my roommates are enrolled in the course, so I decided it would only be smart to join them! Because honestly, what’s better than a trio of tin whistlers? Correct. A trio of amateur tin whistlers who all live in the same apartment. Since I wasn’t even looking at taking the course last week, I missed the first meeting, but I will be attending my first class today at 2:15. The fact that my schedule was open at 2:15 on Mondays and the fact that I’m always looking to learn another instrument set this all up perfectly.Photo on 2013-01-21 at 12.32
In order to take this course I had to email the professor who was super helpful…she got back to me nearly right away and answered all of my questions. Then I had to make my way to the International Education Office to inform them of this change. To make this short, let me just say that if you can avoid physically going to the International Education Office, do so. An individual there is definitely fighting for the top spot on my “Rudest People I Have Ever Dealt With” list. But on the bright side, the rest of the Irish population makes up for the two (equally bad) encounters I’ve had at the office thus far. What I’ve learned from this is that if you hate your job so much to the point where it ruins you and the way you treat other human beings, then run away from it as fast as you possibly can. And that’s that.

In other news, my roommate Katy taught me and one other girl how to play the tin whistle last night. Not sure whether our neighbors could hear us or not, but if they could, I’m pretty sure they were jealous of our raw tin whistle talent. Best news of the day was realizing that the fingering for alto sax and tin whistle are basically the SAME. What the heck. How lucky. So I’m caught up to speed on that.

So all in all, my schedule is almost set. I just have to go back to the International Education Office one more time. But having the  opportunity to learn tin whistle, while in Ireland, makes all of the above worth it. Plus, I already have devised plans to march around my house while playing traditional Irish songs on my tin whistle when I return to Wisconsin…so that in itself gets me past the negativity involved in this post. And on top of that, I held a cat yesterday…and that’s always good.



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