Ireland: The Magic of Everday Life / Studying Abroad at UCC

I think I’ll go wring out my socks now…

10 Reasons Why I Fit In:

1) I’m short. Being short allows for easy and relatively care-free exploration of caves, castles, and regular Irish doorways.
2) I’m too cheap for North Face, so I don’t own one. Therefore I do not wear one. So in turn, I do not label myself as an American…until I speak and portray my accent.
3) I love getting dressed up. And since the Irish girls dress passed the nines when they go out, I have every excuse to dress fancy too.
4) I like cats, dogs, and sheep. I’ve seen all three.
5) I’ve translated a common American phrase into Irish for you all: If you’re early, you’re weird. If you’re on time, you’re early. And if you’re 15 minutes late, you’re golden. So since I’m usually running about 5 minutes behind (when it comes to anything besides my job), I fit in nicely.
6) There are castles all around…and who doesn’t love a good castle?!
7) I love walking everywhere. And since I don’t own a car, that’s about my only option.
8) People have told me that rain looks good on me.
9) I love dancing and I get to dance all the time here. So many reasons to dance.
10) I really like chips (fries) and they are pretty much a side to every meal. I realize they’re a bit unhealthy, but they don’t salt them normally, so that’s healthy, and they are a vegetable, so clearly they’re healthy. Below is my BLT that came on a shish kabob stick with chips of course.

[I lied about number 8.]

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Fit In:

1) Whenever I cross the road, I play it safe and run. First of all, the cars are coming from the opposite direction which is much harder to get used to than it sounds. And on top of that, the people in Cork are some of the craziest drivers I’ve ever seen.
2) The other day I bought hamburger at the English Market and asked for a pound. He didn’t judge me or say anything, but most everything is measured in kilograms.
3) I don’t like beer. At all.
4) My shoes are not waterproof, but I finally bought a pair of rainboots this weekend. I literally cannot remember the last time my feet were dry for an entire day.
5) Seeing as I come from a town with no stop lights, let alone public transportation, I do not know how to navigate a bus system. But I’m learning quickly. It’s a trial and error process.


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