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Pet Peeves & Some Things I Love the Most

I mean these more sarcastically than I do negatively. Don’t get me wrong, they are my pet peeves, but it’s not like a hate list or anything to that extreme. Enjoy.

  1. Professors who expect you to study absolutely everything you’ve ever learned the entire semester…but then only test you on 8.3% of that. I don’t mind having to study everything, but at least give me an exam that makes all of my studying worth it.
  2. Likewise, professors who include questions on the exam that are completely random. If I have studied everything and I don’t even recognize the question, I’m pretty sure you don’t understand what the purpose of an exam is. It’s to test what we actually learned from the course, not what you apparently should have taught us…but didn’t.
  3. When people don’t wash the bottom of their dishes. Just because the food didn’t go directly on the outside of the dish, doesn’t mean it didn’t get there some how. It is dirty and it should be washed.
  4. Completely able people who walk at a leisurely pace in the rain/snow/cold. First of all, why would you want to? Second of all, do you not realize that there are people walking behind you who want to walk at human pace? At least be considerate and/or observant enough to transport your slow-moving self over to one side.
  5. In general, when people have a problem that they can easily do something about, but they choose not to out of laziness. Honestly. Make yourself happy and take the time to fix the problem.
  6. The internet in Leeside. Enough said.
  7. Drivers anywhere, but predominantly in Ireland, who lay on the horn instead of the brakes. I don’t really think that the 3 seconds you are saving by not slowing down is equivalent to someone’s life.
  8. People who say they hate Justin Bieber. Most of you are only saying it because it’s the “popular” thing to say. I’m not a Justin Bieber fanatic either, but I can make up my own opinion and realize that he is a talented individual.
  9. People who start packing up in class when the professor is just about to finish talking. And not just packing, but packing up loudly. Zipping things. Thudding books. Moving notebooks. You’re being rude and I don’t think it will kill you to wait an additional 34 seconds. Stop acting like your books are going to vanish into thin air if you don’t get them inside your backpack within in the next 3 seconds.
  10. When ‘definitely’ is spelled incorrectly. Especially when it’s spelled ‘defiantly’.
  11. This one seems a bit hypocritical-seeing as I just made a list of pet peeves-but: people who are pessimistic. If you look around for a millisecond you’ll realize that there is way more good stuff going on, than bad.

I’ve always been a really optimistic person, and since studying abroad I’ve become much more aware of it. This optimism is probably why (after creating a list of pet peeves), I felt the necessity to create a list of 25 things that make me happy too. Enjoy these more.

  1. My convertible suitcase backpack/carry-on. One of the best purchases I have ever made. Looks like a backpack, opens like a suitcase. Annnnd news to me (as of last week), it has an add-on strap that attaches to the  front to help with weight displacement. And I actually brought it along with me to Ireland. So happy.
  2. The fact that my best friend will be in Ireland on Saturday. What’s up Katie Glod?? Ireland says hello.
  3. The Irish accent.
  4. Suddenly Salad Pasta and the fact that my parents mailed me two boxes for my birthday. I added additional noodles to the first batch just so it would go a litttttttle bit further.
  5. Taylor Paxton DeBroux’s outfit on the night of my birthday. A green raincoat and a white flat-brimmed hat.  And the fact that she kept it on (with the coat zipped up to her chin) while out on the dance floor at Rearden’s.
  6. Whose Line is it Anyway and the fact that it is coming back this summer. Hello summer plans.
  7. The fact that my 15 minutes of fame came as the result of being an avid Packer fan. 695 likes. I don’t even have that many facebook friends.
    Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 4.18.06 PM
  8. Ellen Degeneres  and Tony. And this clip especially:
  9. The fact that I included this in a previous blog post: “We haven’t been able to find powder flavoring for water, but they have something called “Squash”. It’s a juice concentrate that you mix with water.” And the next thing I knew my Grandma had sent me a package including Raspberry Lemonade flavor packets. People say she spoils her grandkids…ppsshhh. Yeah. She does.
  10. Before I departed for Ireland, I set up my blog. I chose photos for the cover that I thought looked cool and “Irish”. I thought the second photo from the left was just some random castle on the side of some random cliff that I never would actually see, but low and behold, as I stepped off the bus at the Cliffs of Moher (during our second week here), there it was. Perched on the side of the cliff. Surprise!
    Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 2.54.17 PM
  11. The fact that Laura Norton made a vegetable chili from scratch last night and shared it with us. What a little culinary artist. It was delicious.
  12. The fact that I used books written in the 1800s to write two of my essays. One about Irish folklore and the other about tories and rapparees (bandits) in Ireland.
  13. Hot showers that last as long as you want them to. As opposed to turning cold 3 seconds after you put conditioner in your hair. Hey greasy hurr.
  14. The fact that I literally don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with Mimi Randall where one of her random movements, facial expressions, or musical sentences didn’t make me laugh.
  15. The fact that my flight from Italy to Greece cost €10. That’s it. Hi Greece.
  16. The cats in the parking garage. And the fact that one of them let me pet it yesterday. And after I stopped petting it, it scooted forward on the hood of the car and rubbed its head against my leg.
  17. The fact that after my class on Thursday, I will be done with my classes in Ireland. Done done. And then I will have 68 days before I fly home…2 of which are exam days. Which means I have 66 days of fun. And maybe a little studying.
  18. The phrase “peace & blessings”. The fact that I say it all the time is probably everyone’s pet peeve about me.
  19. The fact that I’m currently planning our family’s vacation to Ireland.
  20. Dan Mamerow (my sister’s boyfriend’s) most recent cover photos on Facebook.
    Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 3.19.55 PM Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 3.20.04 PM Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 3.20.13 PM
    Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 3.20.20 PMScreen shot 2013-03-27 at 3.20.29 PMScreen shot 2013-03-27 at 3.20.38 PM
  21. My ability to go on my FB homepage (This week March 25-29th) and in a matter of 30 seconds see over 15 posts by St. Norbert students about equality. Just another reason why I love my school. And this quote: “What are praying mantises even praying for? I hope it’s for something useful like world peace or marriage equality.”
  22. Two things: #1: The fact that my mom mails my blog to my grandparents up north (seeing as they choose not to have internet.) But more importantly, #2: the fact that they are just as happy/happier than the rest of us…without being dependent on the internet.
  23. Messy buns. I’ve always loved them and their convenience.
  24. The fact that I was able to add another movie to the extremely short list entitled: “Movies that Laura Riley Actually Likes”. Good Will Hunting. Thanks to Laura Norton. For those of you who don’t know, I am an incredibly harsh movie critic, on top of the fact that I’d rather do a million other things rather than watch a movie if I’m spending time with people i.e. talk, play games, go to a zoo, watch football, play with cats etc.
  25. Blog posts that are in list format.

Peace & Blessings.


3 thoughts on “Pet Peeves & Some Things I Love the Most

  1. At least you commented on something that pretty much everyone can relate to in one way or another…except for the internet in Leeside. I don’t have an opinion there…nope… nada…zilch…I’ve got nothin’… completely blank…

    Love Uncle Tim

    • Haha well let me just tell you that the internet is rarely good. Sometimes non-existent. But we all manage to survive. 🙂 Hope everything is going well! I heard you went sledding up in Mosinee this past weekend. Nice that the trails are still ride-able, but not nice because that means there’s still snow and it’s not turning into spring yet. Love youuuu.

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