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A Video! Studying Abroad in Cork, Ireland. Month Three.

Hello friends. It has been a while, but let me give you a quick recap in terms of March’s video. Month three was filled with two shared celebrations for 4 birthdays! Taylor and Norton’s birthdays were both on March 10th and Julie’s and mine were both on the 17th. Plus St. Paddy’s Day celebrations of course. 🙂 Fun fact: Ireland does not abbreviate St. Patrick’s Day into St. Patty’s like we do back in the states. St. Pat’s is acceptable, but not common. Here’s why: “Paddy is derived from the Irish, Pádraig. Patty is the diminutive of Patricia, or a burger, and just not something you call a fella.” So that’s that!

Other than birthdays, March was filled with a ton of music, both traditional and non. It was overflowing with homework, exams, and papers. But as of March 28th, I have been completely done with classes! Since Katie was arriving on March 30th, I wanted to get the majority of my work done so she didn’t have to sit around and watch me type. I still have one paper to do before May 7th, a few internships to apply for before we leave for our backpacking trip, and some last minute planning to do…so we’ll see where I squeeze all of those in. Katie is here for a few more days and after she leaves, I’ll have a day and half before we embark on our 27-day backpacking trip!

Oh and lastly, I entered both my January and February videos in a Visiting American Student ‘My Ireland’ Competition and I ended up being one of the 5 winners. The prompt was:

“Many students studying abroad arrived in Ireland conscious of our ‘Irish-American’ identity. Over your time living and studying in Cork, how have you come to feel connected with the city, UCC, and Ireland? Has it lived up to your expectations? We want to hear about your time in Ireland! Tell us your story through the media of your choice, including: videos, photos, original poems, essays, blog posts, music etc. Tell us about the stories you have heard, friends you have made, the clubs you may have joined, classes taken, trips made around the country, anything! Let us know what it is that has made Cork and UCC feel like your second home.”

Along with the video submission we had to include a brief explanation. Here is what I included:

The Significance Behind My Submissions

Since arriving in Ireland on January 2nd, I have not only become connected to the city of Cork, but I genuinely feel at home when I arrive back after a weekend away. There’s something comforting about the atmosphere and the hospitality of the people who live here. The two videos I submitted to the competition are 10-minute compilation videos of each of my months in Ireland so far, beginning with my taxi ride from the airport to my apartment on my very first day. While pictures and blogs can summarize events, nothing can put you back in that exact moment like video can. Choosing the songs for the videos has been the hardest part.  It’s critical to choose the perfect song, because it subconsciously establishes the feeling that is expressed and felt while watching the movie. The two main criteria for my song selection include: it has to be a song that is currently popular in Ireland and it has to be uplifting and upbeat. I will be making a compilation video for each month while I am abroad, so come June, I will have 50 minutes of memories wrapped up in one video.

I ended up winning a lovely t-shirt, €50, and was presented with a certificate. A pretty nice prize seeing as I already had the videos made before I heard about the competition. 🙂 Well anyway, I hope you enjoy Month Three:




2 thoughts on “A Video! Studying Abroad in Cork, Ireland. Month Three.

  1. Dearest Laura,
    Thanks for the month 3 video. Always entertaining and yet sometimes very educational. It would appear everything is going well, including the amount of video footage with you and your friends drinking… 🙂 I will cut you some slack as you had a birthday, it was St. Patrick’s Day, you’re in Ireland, and you’re obviously a Riley! Anyhow, as you embark on your 27 day backpacking trip, I believe that this will be one of your most memorable adventures. Just remember to drink lots of water, and don’t go to the bathroom on any poison ivy. Take care and I’m looking forward to see the month 4 video! Also congratulations on being a winner! [not just for the UCC competition, but in life]

    Love Uncle Tim

    • Hi Uncle Tim,
      Thanks a ton! Pretty sure my self that wanted to be a teacher makes itself evident in my posts haha And thanks for cutting me a littttle slack. We weren’t too wild! And since I’m posting this so late, the first few legs of our trip have definitely been amazing! I haven’t even sat on any poison ivy yet! And aww thanks for the whole winner comment. 🙂 Hope you are doing wonderfully!

      Love you,

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