27-Day Backpacking Excursion / Francey Pants!

Southern France!

It’s definitely a challenge typing on a miniature keyboard, but I feel the need for a brief update. I’ll expand at a later date once I am in the presence of a full-fledged keyboard that accommodates human-size hands.

Day 1: Monday, April 8th

A day of naps, traveling, and of course exploring. Got in a solid 3-hour nap from midnight to 3 am and caught the 4:30 bus to Dublin. Took a nap on the bus. Took a small nap on the flight to Carcassonne, France. Then we explored the Medieval city and saw some beautiful views. We even walked ourselves through the city to the train station like navigation pros. First minor travel panic was when I realized there was no one at the ticket booth to issue us tickets for our online reservation, but Laura S. (Streeter) found an info office just outside the lobby. Phew. Then we had an hour before our train arrived. Made it to Montpellier on the train and finally met up with one of my best friends who is studying in France, Meghan. And we had a lovely night checking out a Spanish bar.

Day 2: Tuesday, April 9th

This day we spent the morning roaming about the city while Meghan was in class. We stumbled upon beautiful statues and water fountains, couldn’t read/understand the French signs to tell you their names or significance, but they looked quite significant. We also found a beautiful garden/park with a bamboo forest and a little tiki-ish hut that we claimed as our fort. Then we ordered some lunch at a sandwich/panini stand and butchered all pronunciation. We just pointed. Then we met up with Meghan, explored more of the city and ended the night at our first French club, Panama. Then we had kebabs…characteristic of Europe in general.

Day 3: Wednesday, April 10th

Today was picnic/beach day. We headed to the Mediterranean and laid on the beach for the day! The breeze was chilly, but the sun was definitely warm. Producing a very rosy Taylor. I saw a crab as I was standing in the sea. It was on its back legs dancing away from me with its little claws up. And a dog ran over to me as I was kneeling on the beach taking a picture. He made the picture 100X better. I also saw flamingos. We spent the day in the sun and headed back to the city centre around 7 pm. Then we met up with our friend Alex, who is dtudying with us in Cork. He decided to show up in Montpellier with his brother as part of their European trip! Surprise! We checked out a few bars with them and now it’s bedtime and 2:30 am.

France and Meghan have been wonderful. Could not have asked for a better start to our backpacking trip! And sorry about the lack of pictures. My tablet doesn’t have a memory card slot, so no uploading pictures until after the entire trip.



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