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A Video! Exploring Europe. Month Four.

This video of my backpacking trip around Europe was a labor of love.

1. The fact that I didn’t think about not being able to download my pictures and videos during my month abroad was the first little hiccup. I only had a 2 GB and an 8 GB memory card for both my pictures and video. That was quite the challenge. Each night I would go through the day’s pictures and videos and cut down what I could. It made going through the pictures much easier when I got back, but it was difficult trying to capture enough, but at the same time save memory space for the next country!

2. I did look into buying a memory card (after we embarked), but every time I found one for sale, it was ridiculously priced. Like €25 for 2 GB.

3. My camera decided that it didn’t want to play back the videos with sound. So it was a challenge decided between clips when I couldn’t hear them. It turned out.

4. I got back to Cork on May 4th and I had a 2000 word paper due on the 7th. I had no motivation to write that paper…but I had a ton of motivation to make my video. Miraculously, motivation showed up on the morning of May 6th and I started and finished my paper in less than 5 hours, which left a whole day for video making!

5. iMovie and/or iTunes decided it would insert just about every song in my iTunes library into the background of my video. I began deleting them, but every time I deleted one, another song was hiding behind it. Deleting one-by-one. Eventually I just copied all of the videos and moved them into a new project and started over. I had to re-make the title slides, but it was way less work than deleting all of the songs.

6. Picking out songs was a nightmare. It took hours. Way more time than it took to puzzle together the videos in chronological order.

7. iTunes decided it would be fun not to download the songs I purchased. So that was neat.

8. Finally everything was cooperating and I finished the video. I uploaded the video to Facebook (which took hours…let it upload while I slept). After “uploading” it, Facebook plays this cool joke and goes, “Oh…videos that are longer than 20 minutes aren’t allowed.” Cool. Not sure why you didn’t tell me that to begin with.

9. To play things safe, I uploaded the video to a site called and Youtube. I didn’t have high hopes for Youtube, seeing as they’re usually really strict on using copyrighted music, but they pulled through. They also had a secret limit of 20 minutes, but luckily they allowed me to verify my account and go ahead with it.

10. Youtube did block my video in Germany, but Vimeo seems to be universally accepted.

So yeah. Once I start something, I will do just about anything to finish it…so here she is. Enjoy!


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