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19 Reasons Why Our Parents Are Wonderful

1.) They have raised us to be independent and self-sufficient. (But at the same time, they’re always there if we need them.)

2.) They’re awesome with our friends…to the extent that they’ve gained the title of Mama Amy & Papa Steve.

3.) They taught us that common sense isn’t all that common…but regardless, we better have some.

4.) They’ve supported just about every interest we’ve ever alluded to having. Short-lived or not. From dolls, to K’nex, to piano, to knitting, to golfing, to studying abroad. From art, to violin (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star proficiency), to dance, to gymnastics, to fashion shows, to California.

5.) Because of them, we’re comfortable talking about anything and everything as a family.

6.) They’ve proven to us that working hard pays off.

7.) They have always made time for us to have dinner together.

8.) Once my mom called me a “he-woman”. I wasn’t thrilled, but I’m thankful that they’ve taught us how to hammer a nail, plunge a toilet, mow the lawn, and drive a stick-shift (if only for a day).

9.) Their relationship with each other has been the perfect example and it continues to be.

10.) They’ve helped us with our homework: from going over our spelling and subtraction (before our 8 pm bedtime) to giving me feedback on my capstone business class assignment…as a senior in college.

11.) They gave us kittens for Christmas when I was 7 and Sarah was 9. And they didn’t let me name mine Socks…because my pronunciation made “Socks” sound too much like “sex”. So I named her Snickers. And 14 years later, my cat still acts like my little baby.

12.) They gave us each other. Awww. *Tears.

13.) They bought me a Lee Middleton doll in first grade. I carried him (Tyler) around with me until like last year basically.

14.) They support everything we do. And not lightly either. For those of you who were at my sister’s going away party this weekend, the gossamer-ladened porch was a prime example.

15.) They [almost] always encouraged us to have friends over and were enthusiastic about hosting New Year’s Eve parties, boating parties, Amazing Race-themed birthday parties, candle-making, nail-painting, doll-dressing girly-girl sleepovers and so much more.

16.) They let me go through the phase of refusing to wear jeans (because of how uncomfortable they felt)…to not wanting to wear anything but jeans.

17.) They’ve inspired a drive-to-succeed in both of us; that we probably cannot attribute to anything else.

18.) Our mom always cooks us wonderfully delicious food and our Dad is always up for splitting a pizza at midnight (one that’s perfectly and evenly browned) and he’s enthusiastic about making chocolate malts whenever the time is right.

19.) They love us. And they tell us all the time.

Yeah…so what I’m trying to say is that I think they’re alright. I guess.


3 thoughts on “19 Reasons Why Our Parents Are Wonderful

  1. We’re so proud of you both and there is nothing in the world we would rather be doing that watching the two of you working hard, accomplishing much and following your dreams.

  2. …Are you talking about my brother [Steve] and his wife Amy? or some other people that I don’t know… [he, he, he…. :-o]

    Much Love,
    Uncle Tim

  3. I agree that your parents are great, but you still have to take credit for all the hard work you and Sarah did on your own. A parent can only do so much and kids have to do their part also.

    Proud of you, Grandma

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