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25 Random “I Miss When” Statements

I really do love college. But sometimes I just like to reminisce about my elementary years. And I have a relatively horrible memory…which makes this list even more special. But just because I remembered it does not necessarily mean that it was really significant, nor does me not including something mean I didn’t absolutely love it. What I’m trying to say is this is not a comprehensive list. At all. Just what came to mind at midnight.

I miss…

  1. When the majority of the time “having homework” meant coming home with 1 piece of paper in my backpack.
  2. When I would come home from school and go fishing by myself off of the pier.
  3. When I would play outside from the time I got home until the time it was dark.
  4. When playing outside consisted of making “food” out of anything we could find. Like this plant. We called the spiky balls “milk duds”…because when you broke them open there was “milk” inside. Apparently they are really called Marah Fabeceus. Just looked them up by searching “Vine with spiky green balls”. I will continue to call them “milk duds”.
  5. When rollerblading down my neighbor’s driveway was just about as scary as a roller coaster. Still haven’t mastered roller-blade brakes.
  6. When I fell asleep on the car ride home, my dad would just carry me inside and put me in my bed.
  7. When I would take my dolls for walks. In an awesome pink, double-stroller. Down the road.
  8. When after showering, I would wrap myself in a towel and then I would stand over our floor vents as the heat poured out. Best personal heat dome ever. I would stand over the one in the bathroom and then run to my room and stand over the one in my room. Such a good system.
  9. When towels were the size of my whole body.
  10. When we would watch Sunday night Disney movies on ABC. Or Extreme House Makeover.
  11. When I would play Zoo Tycoon on the computer…which consisted of a monitor, computer, and dial-up.
  12. When I would come home from school and watch Oprah. If the content was appropriate.
  13. When I got to stay home sick from school and my mom stayed with me. Not sick to the extent that I couldn’t have fun (by watching The Price is Right etc.), just to the extent that I couldn’t go to school. And I got chicken dumpling soup. And/or popsicles.
  14. When we got to order books…or rather activities like spy kits…from the Scholastic flyers.
  15. When doing laundry was fun. Yay soap.
  16. When one of my primary concerns was who I was going to be sitting next to when our desks got rearranged at school.
  17. When I didn’t do my hair. Well…I still don’t on most days. #messybuns
  18. When playing in closets was fun.
  19. When I fit comfortably in closets.
  20. When we had clubs. Most memorably D.S.C. (Diamond Swirl Club) and G.O.O.F (Girls Organization Of Fun). We loved acronyms.
  21. When my neighbor Dennis would listen to me play piano as he worked outside.
  22. When we used to dress up our cats, set up “sets”, and waste real film on taking awful pictures. They never looked happy. Unless they were sleeping.
  23. When we utilized our spy kits (ordered from the Scholastic catalog) to “spy” on our parents.
  24. When ordering from the Schwan’s man was ridiculously exciting. Especially the “Laura, do you want me to order some ice cream cookie sandwiches?” question came into play.
  25. When ice cream cookie sandwiches were one of my main food groups.


The End.


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