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Ten Tips for a More Successful and Less Annoying Life

It’s that lovely time of year again…when I’m due for a nice little cleansing rant. Enjoy. Cheer out loud if you agree, boo to yourself if you don’t, and listen to my advice (at least in my presence) if you exhibit one of these fine habits.

Ten tips for a more successful and less annoying life:

  1. Freshman with an “a” is singular. Freshmen with an “e”, is a group. Use them correctly.
  2. If you’re replying to a group email and your message pertains to the entire group, hit “reply all”. It exists for a reason.
  3. An empty toilet paper roll is useless, unless you prefer to wipe with a non-absorbent, cylindrical piece of cardboard. Put a new roll on. 3 squares isn’t going to cut it either.
  4. Consider whether or not what you need to say requires an email of its own. I finally cleaned out my inbox and it’s really disheartening to have 19 messages in it before 8 a.m. 18½ of which are unnecessary.
  5. Put your smart phone away and look up. I actually want to talk to your face.
  6. The word “seen” has an appropriate time and place. “Oh my gosh! I just seen that the other day!” is entirely wrong. And ugly. We have this cool word in the English dictionary that is free for the taking, it’s “saw”. Put it to good use.
  7. Beating around the bush is annoying. If you have an issue with something, say it. I don’t want to hear your seemingly nonchalant question that has an underlying message. I will understand what you’re trying to get at, but because you refuse to address the situation head on, I will ignore your futile attempt.
  8. Stop making drama out of nothing. There’s enough real drama.
  9. It’s obvious when you post “humble” statuses on Facebook that are clearly opportunities for you to brag. Brag if you deserve it. Or be genuinely humble. None of this “I’m really a cat, but I’m dressed as a shark” stuff. You’re not fooling anyone.
  10. Voice-mails that say, “Call me.” are not welcome in this world. If I see a missed call, the anticipation surrounding why you called me will be enough of an incentive to call you back.

Cheers. I really am a happy person. Stayed tuned for the upcoming article featuring annoying habits 11-20.


One thought on “Ten Tips for a More Successful and Less Annoying Life

  1. Hi Laura,
    Somewhere between #11 & #20 would you please refer to people that use the following statement: “so I says to the guy…” Ugh! Hate hearing “says” in that text.
    And if it’s not too much of a hassle I know your Dad would appreciate a shout-out to all the people that sit in on a business meeting with the damn blue tooth ear piece still attached to their ear. I”m letting it out of the bag here, but we totally make fun of them once the meeting is over! Dopes…

    Hugs & Kisses,

    Uncle Tim

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