St. Norbert College / This is me.

I’m not proud, but I’m laughing.

I ride my bike everywhere. At least 2 miles a day from home to work to class etc. Today was no different. One of the later legs of my biking journey was from the campus center back home after a student government meeting. In the dark.

Due to a lack of care (and too much rain), my bike has become creaky, squeaky, and a bit of an attention-getter. It’s in serious need of TLC, not to mention WD40. But that’s not what drew the looks tonight. Nope.

As I was casually scooting along on my bike, all of a sudden I was having trouble pedaling forward. What da heck?! Took me a half second to realize that my pant leg had conveniently gotten wound up in my chain. No big deal.

Calmly and collectedly I slowed down, put my feet on the ground, and did what any normal person would do. A quick yank. Nothing. Nada. Try again. Put a little more elbow grease into it the second time. Didn’t budge.

This happened in a relatively high traffic area of campus-not inconspicuous by any means-which I suppose I’m thankful for.

I really had no option. I couldn’t pedal forward because my pants granted little slack. Mind you, I normally wear relatively slim fitting pants. 90% of the time I have on skinny jeans, but today we had a site visit for work, so I wore some fancy pants that were bell-bottomy. Regrets. Regardless, my pants were stuck. And I was literally chained to my own bike.

I couldn’t walk along side my bike because my pants were tangled up too closely to my leg. And I couldn’t continue on biking, because the pants didn’t allow a full turn of the pedal.

My options were: 1) Pull the pants free. 2) Cut them. 3) Tear them. 4) Or take them off.

Then along came an acquaintance. “Hey how’s it going?” “Well…my pants just got caught in my bike.” The kind soul offers to help. I don’t object because I’m in an odd position to get it untangled myself. She gets right to work tugging at my pants and helping to set me free. I stand there like a helpless little bunny laughing and explaining that I don’t really care if my pants get ripped, cut, and/or destroyed.

We are unsuccessful.

Along comes a guy (who I do have a class with), but is very much an acquaintance. “Hey, you need help here?” “Uhh…yeah [laugh] my pants just got stuck in my bike chain. Casual. I know.” Aside from a dim little side walk light, we’re basically in the dark.

He gets right to work as well.

Along comes friend of guy acquaintance. “Hey Tim, how’s it going?” Second guy joins in on the fun. He ends up holding the bike up off the ground as Tim (first guy) gently works on freeing me and my pants. By moving the pedals, getting a a tiny bit of slack in the chain, and walking backwards…I was out. And happy as Ariel with human legs.

I’m not proud of the situations I find myself in, but I can appreciate the ridiculousness of times like these.

I share my struggles for your enjoyment alone. This was the epitome of communio. Such kind souls.

This could have been me. #thankful #happyearlythanksgiving




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