SUPER CAL…afragalisticexpialadoshus.

It’s been so long since my last post. Over a month. Which is crazy. I can’t believe it’s already February. First time I wrote the previous sentence, I wrote “almost February instead of ‘already'”, so believe me, I literally cannot believe it.

Well regardless, I’ve missed blogging. Missed writing. There are so many things I think about on the daily that I just don’t have time to document. So here goes to catching up just a little.

This is the Cali Trip (& Christmas). The most wonderful time. January 4th-23rd.

#1. Christmas was great as usual. Got to see both sides of my fam bam. And made a trip Up North to the wonderful Bucher residence. Plus, Amy had the house decorated floor to ceiling once again…tastefully, may I clarify. Including a real live tree (which was debated on due to our trip) and the naturally perfect one outside, plus a forest of others throughout the house.
IMG_0498 IMG_0530

#2. Our family road trip to Cali was really just fabulous. Could not have gone much better. Aside from maybe the elimination of the snow that pummeled us in Oklahoma. No thank you. We’re trying to escape you Arctic Vortex numero uno.

Escort of 3 salt trucks and a policeman...blocking all lanes. #dadmad

Escort of 3 salt trucks and a policeman…blocking all lanes. #madsteve

#3. Driving 13 hours in a day is really not too bad. Not when you’re with the ones you love…awwww. But seriously, not too bad! Kind of liked it. But not again for a while…3,000 miles of driving leaves you fulfilled for a good chunk of time.
IMG_0249 IMG_0229

#4. This Video. It’s funny whether you want to admit it or not.

#5. Coyotes are cute no matter what you try and tell me. I like them. I want to touch it.IMG_0412

#6. The mountains and the sunsets. Just could not get enough of them. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California…just beauts.
IMG_0366 IMG_0618

#7. If you want to see dolphins, just ask me to come along. Literally the luckiest. While we were on the last leg of our road trip journey, Sarah was riding in front, I was in back and all of a sudden she goes, I think I just saw dolphins. And I’m like, “Yeah, me too! I think I just got a picture of them.” Jumping over each other. Like a FAKE PICTURE. But it’s not fake. Real as real can be.

#8. Then, to make matters a trillion times better. We went paddle boarding…Dan, Richie, Sarah and I. And first off, Dan and Rich go out like pros…just cruising around and a few minutes later, Sarah and I are like, yup this looks like a great time to venture on out. Only to end up riding out the LARGEST waves ever seen. Just ginormous. The boys probably thought we were eaten by a whale, but surprise, surprise, we made it out to them unscathed and dry. But the best part is, while we were out there, DOLPHINS SWAM BY US!!! Like 100 feet away, no lie. I cannot describe and or emphasize the awesomeness of this, but believe me. Best moment in the past few months. Yes.

#9. This game. King of Toyko. Fantastic. I was judgmental at the beginning, not going to lie, but I rescind all apprehensive remarks…so fun. I am King of Tokyo.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

#10. Biking is the absolute best. Especially when (1) you don’t have to wear mittens, and (2) you can bike to the beach. So thankful for this wonderful Christmas present! Guess I’ll have to come back and ride it again. Don’t want it to get rusty.

#11. Oh, so I checked out some schools while I was out there! University of San Diego and University of Southern California. Both beautiful. Both wonderful. [Both expensive.] But they’re in the running. And I even got to meet up with one of my friends that I met in Cork who attends USD. Pretty fun!

#12. Ooh, fun fact #12. So this is literally, literally the spiciest thing I have ever eaten in my life. I have eaten jalapeno poppers, Amy’s salsa etc. But this. Have you ever had something so fire-ensuing that underneath your eyes starts to sweat?! Or, you’re actually concerned that you’ll never regain feeling in your tongue. Yeah, well that’s what this was like. The flavor was in there, [under the fire], but my gracious. Thought about sending it back, but instead I just ate it with the sour cream and chased it with the honey biscuit. Oh myyy.

#13. My fam is pretty neat. Pretty lucky. And I love them.

#14. It was just the best to see my sister. I just love her to the moon and back. From WI, to the moon, to CA, and back to me. Every day. Her and Dan even let me move my belongings into their TV stand. Stay an extra week. And tag along with them everywhere. They must like me a little.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

#15. This gorilla. Gave me the side-eye. The genuine side-eye.

And that’s our 3,000 mile road trip and Cali vacation in a nutshell. Looking forward to returning in less than 40 days! #springbreak


3 thoughts on “SUPER CAL…afragalisticexpialadoshus.

  1. Great post Laura. Very entertaining 🙂 … where is the video in this post? I looked but didn’t see it.

    Uncle Tim

  2. Is the video the “What are this?” dog video? If so, OK….funny. I thought that was a advertisement video, so I shot right by it. I was looking for a video of the family trip. Here a great idea… next time shoot video of the dolphins while paddle boarding! That would be a cool video!!!

    • Hahaha it is the “What are this?” video. It was relevant to the trip at the time. 🙂 But definitely doesn’t fit in with the theme of the post haha sorry to disappoint. A family video would have been great. Out-did myself on the Ireland videos apparently. And yes. I wish we would have had something to capture it! Waterproof camera at the very least.

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