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Grad Schoolin’ it Up.

This post is probably not going to be funny. It doesn’t lend itself well to comedy. So feel free to stop reading unless you really love me. Oh & Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just wanted to put together a grad school update for some of my favorites. My first grad school visit for interviews is already next week! So I figured I should share some news. 🙂

Going back to the basics. I am going to grad school for a program called “Higher Education and Student Affairs”…or some version of that…the acronym is HESA. The same type of program is also known as “College Student Personnel”. Essentially, after obtaining a 2-year masters degree, I will be more qualified to work at a college or university. Ideally I’d like to work in a career-prep related office or a position related to leadership and student engagement. And I’d be incredibly excited if I was given the opportunity to teach a course or two! So that’s the basic gist of things.

For 4 of the 5 programs I applied to, assistantships are an integral part of the program. An assistantship essentially will be my graduate school financing, as well as a very relevant way to gain incredibly applicable experience. I am beyond excited for the assistantship piece, because I’ve really found my place in the higher education world through my work on campus at SNC. Currently I have two on campus jobs and am pretty excited to continue that trend.

The application process for HESA programs generally requires admittance to the academic program in addition to an assistantship offer. So I have not officially been accepted to any of the programs. I have been “recommended” for admission and the programs have selected which assistantships I am going to interview for in the coming weeks. But being accepted into a program is contingent upon being offered a job as well.

So the run down of schools (in no particular order):

#1) Indiana University – Bloomington
#2) Miami University – Oxford, Ohio
#3) Western Illinois University
$4) University of Iowa
#5) University of Southern California – Los Angeles, CA

Here’s the exciting news! I’m interviewing at Indiana next week and at Miami the following week. And Iowa two weeks later. I’ve heard from both Indiana and Miami regarding the positions I will be interviewing for and couldn’t be happier! Although we don’t pick out our own assistantships, I am interviewing for the 2 positions at each school that I had my eyes on. Offices/Departments within the college select you for interviews based on the cover letter, resume, and essays you submit.

For Indiana, I will be interviewing for a position with the  IUB Career Development Center and Arts & Sciences Career Services and the IUB School of Informatics and Computing Career Services. Both are obviously Career Services Offices…but one also involves the responsibility of teaching 1 course, to two separate classes. Pretty excited! For Miami, I am interviewing with their Career Services office as well, in addition to the Campus Activities office.

If you ask me what my first choice is, I’d have to say that I am genuinely not leaning any way in terms of the five. It’s really going to come down to how I feel when I’m actually on campus, how the visit days go with the faculty, staff, and potential cohort (other students in the program)! And lastly, the offers I receive from each of the universities will be a huge determining factor in finding my place this coming fall.

That’s about it for now! St. Norbert has been incredibly wonderful in terms of supporting me in every way possible. The individuals I work with have been wonderful. My supervisors have given me advice and feedback throughout this entire process and continue to do so. My professors have been supportive and I am incredibly thankful. I have some of the most wonderful higher education professionals and professors and can not thank them enough. Nancy Mathias, Susan Angoli, Jennifer Nissen, Mandy Nycz, Erica DeQuaine, Kelly Johnson, Corday Goddard, Cristi Burrill, Dr. Osgood, Anna Herrman, and Dr. Grassl. Huge thanks to them all. They make this incredibly easy, but incredibly hard [to leave] at the same time.

Looking forward to the next few weeks!



2 thoughts on “Grad Schoolin’ it Up.

  1. Happy birthday Laura! Your Momma told me you weren’t feeling the best, which is a total bummer on your b-day… 😦 Here is to a quick recovery so you can get back to your normal, wonderful self!

    Here’s to sending a box full of love your way! [not a small box either. I was going to say maybe something the size of a 70 in TV, but those are pretty skinny… so lets go with something the size of an end table! Any bigger & I’m afraid I’d tweak your back and that’s not good]

    Uncle Tim, Aunt Marsha and the kids too!

    • Thank you thank you!

      It was just a cold, so not too horrible! Best of the worst I suppose. 🙂

      And thanks for the end table of love. ❤ I appreciate it more than you know. I had a wonderful birthday in Cali.

      Love you all!

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