While at the Cincinnati Airport [in Kentucky].

The past few days have been quite the experience. I’ll recount all the serious grad school stuff in another post, but first some unrelated business.

First of all, I love flying. Planes are the most fun. It’s a little annoying that my total fly time is like 2 hours (compared to my travel time of like 9-12 hours), and it requires me to take two planes and journey through 3 airports…but it gives me time to people watch in the airport, time on my favorite form of transportation, and time to write a nonsensical blog post.

I’ll start with the fact that the Cincinnati Airport is actually in Northern Kentucky. That’s fun. It’s called the Greater Cincinnati Airport or Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport. A good time to catch up on my geography. Speaking of geography. 100% of the people I talked to over the past few days have asked where I was from and when I responded with “Green Bay”, 50% of the people did not know what state it was in. What?! Have you literally been hiding under a rock? These are people from the east coast, the west coast and the Midwest! What?! People from Ohio did not know Green Bay. Unless maybe they were just double-checking that it was in Wisconsin and not “another” Green Bay. But none of them clarified that! A good number (or awful number really) of people were like, oh sorry I’m really bad a geography. Well you must be extremely unaware of sports as well. So now I have to say Green Bay, WI. News flash.

Screen shot 2014-03-01 at 5.53.00 AM

In other ground breaking news, I had two “firsts” yesterday. Number one, I stayed in a hotel by myself. And number two, I ordered in-room dinner. They were highly correlated situations. I’m not much of a eat alone individual. The hotel situation went quite well. Nothing crazy happened. I ate my dinner and watched HGTV and TLC. I thought about jumping on the bed, but [regrettably] chose not to. Then I cranked up some country music whilst showering and crossed my fingers that my 5:00 alarm would work. I did set an additional alarm in the room, but that was  challenge in and of itself. Right before I headed to bed, I heard what sounded like my door closing. So that was terrifying. I proceeded to check all spaces for suspicious activity. I’m not sure what I would have done had I found someone in the shower or closet, but thankfully I didn’t have to find out.

My dinner. The food was great. I just really wasn’t sure how to handle it all. The man arrived at my room and I was unprepared to act like a real adult. The entire time I felt like Eloise at The Plaza and I think he was definitely in agreeance.


I had cash in my hand – forgetting I had charged it to my room bill – so I casually shoved that in my front pocket as I attempted to sign the bill. He told me that the gratuity was added (kind man) because he could easily see how much of a novice I was. Then he asked if I would like him to bring it in – which clearly I did – for fear of destroying all things. And the last bit of hesitation was whether I should let the door shut behind the both of us or not. Just didn’t want to trap him in there with me. Lawdy, lawdy.

It took me an unacceptable amount of time to figure out how to get the silver cover detached from my plate. But seriously. I’m not sure that there’s an easy way. I resorted to taking my knife and putting it through the hole on top and forcing the plate off. Probably the most dysfunctional approach, but it worked. And once I got it uncovered, it was quite fancii. Aside from the fact that along with my chicken sandwich, I got french fries and a water and ate it on my bed (white comforter and all) and my meal contained bbq sauce and ketchup. Real class. But all-in-all, it was delicious and a great experience. 5 stars.

And for all of you who judge me harshly on my ability to be on time. And wake up like a respectable human. I did well. Got out of bed at 5 am. And was 2 hours early for my flight. Cheers.

The next fun experience came after security at the airport. I was super thirsty so I stopped at one of the little convenience stores and got myself an apple juice. Continuing the adult-like reputation. I’m almost 22 FYI. Anyway, I got in line behind a younger man who was paying with a credit card. After he showed the cashier his card she said, “Oh you swipe that yourself. It works like magic!” I was up next and to preface the story, the cashier will be 81 in June and she’s originally from Germany.

After the young man left, the cashier and I were the only people in the store, so she asked me where I was headed, why I was here and naturally we got chatting about my lifelong goals. She started telling me about her 19-year-old granddaughter, as well as her granddaughter who is still in high school. After scouting out the store to make sure we were in fact alone, she began to tell me what her youngest granddaughter is interested in studying…sexology. She shared some personal information with me regarding her granddaughter and why she doesn’t believe she is knowledgeable enough to be a sexologist. She’s like, “And what would you do with a degree like that anyway?” I was dying. She’s like, “You remember Dr. Ruth? You know, from TV?” And I’m like, “Mmm no…” (Come to find out the TV Series was on from 1984-1991). “And she’s like. You know? That cute, little Jewish lady? Well anyway, she [Dr. Ruth] would talk about foreplay and all that. Which is fine if you’ve been married for 20 years, but for an 18 year-old? It’s one of those shows that you would look around your house and make sure the kids were all in bed already.”

Hahaha what a lady. So funny & a great way to start the morning.

Peace & Love.



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