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A Golf Course Can Teach You a Thing or Two

It’s been 54 days since my last blog post…needless to say, I’ve been busy learning a thing or two at the golf course. Mother nature has had a [very saturated] mind of her own this summer; therefore, Thornbrook is still closed to the public. It has definitely come a long way, but the greens still are requesting some additional tender, love, & care. They’re a little moody. And ridiculously picky. The course is FINALLY drying out though. Not sure if I can emphasize that enough. I’ve been waiting for AGES. The day I was able to mow more than 30% of hole 4, I was shouting exclamations to all of nature. To the sky. To the trees. To the moles.

Along with heightening my patience…I’ve learned a few other lessons thus far.

  1. Dandelions are from hell. But actually. Their roots are so long, I think they reach the core of the Earth. Hand-digging them is a bore.
  2. Life would be easier if people learned to appreciate dandelions and thistle plants. Especially golfers.
  3. WARNING: I’m going to be serious in the middle of this. I have finally learned how to appreciate being alone for extended periods of time. Of course I still have my cats and dog to talk to, but I finally appreciate being on my lonesome. Prefer it, at times. I can move as efficiently as possible. I can mow as quickly as the mower allows me to drive. I am solely responsible for accomplishing jobs from beginning to end. I appreciate being able to reward myself with easy work after accomplishing the worst jobs. And it reserves a whole lot of time for thinking. Reflecting. Questioning. And obviously making myself laugh.
  4. Tree frogs migrate…err relocate in mobs. One day I stumbled upon 100s of them all traveling in the same direction. So cute! But it was actually Frogger trying to get myself out of that area. Not fun. It was an actual life or death situation.
  5. You can get a super loyal, incredibly stubborn, Amy-loving, dog [Missy] to love you if you spend enough time with her. Last night she even proved her newly flourished love.Scene: Missy standing in hallway.
    Mom: “Missy it’s time for bed. Missy, come on. Boy are you stubborn. Come on Missy.”
    Scene: Missy continues walking down the hallway, comes into my bedroom, and sleeps next to my bed all night long.FRIENDSHIP AT LAST!
  6. A golf course gives you muscles.
  7. And a mad tan.
  8. It’s also a heck of a lot of work. I work generally from about 9 am-9 pm on days when I’m at the golf course. My parents are crazier. Working their day job at RES and 5:30-10:00 pm at the golf course. We definitely have accomplished much, but it has taken some serious sweat & effort.
  9. You can cook some nice meals in a closet-size make-shift kitchen. We have a microwave, toaster, pizza oven and a two-burner, portable stove-top. But it works. The simplicity is refreshing.
  10. Swallows are demons. Their dive-bombing behavior is entirely uncalled for and discouraged by NOTHING. Not by mowing and minding my own business, not by nearly mowing over a swallow in the pack, not by waving my arms and swinging a dust pan around in the air {whole other story}, not by letting out uncontrolled shrieks, and not by attaching waving strips of shirt to the lawn mower. Their dive-bombs make your heart stop beating and I don’t understand how I remain unscathed. Plus, they team up. Like a mad pack of darts with wings.
  11. You can get just about any mower, vehicle, golf cart, or Cushman out of muddy ruts with a Ford tractor. It may not be the prettiest, or the most time-efficient activity. But it’s possible. Trust me. We’ve done it over, and over, and over, and over again.
  12. You can adjust to sulfur water, but I don’t think you can ever get used to it. No, no, no. I think we’ve all gagged once or twice.
  13. My reaction to mosquito bites has adapted over the years and now they only last for a few hours! What?! Super strange, but welcome one and the same.
  14. Night golf…with glow-in-the-dark golf balls, flashing flags, glowing holes and illuminated greens, is a pretty sweet activity.
  15. When you just sit back and realize what you have every once and a while, the work is all worth it. The land is beautiful, the view of the sunsets on Lake Winnebago are amazing. And bike rides around the area are a great break from the real work. Going on a run at night, after the work is done, the sky is nearly dark, the air has cooled down and there’s a nice breeze off the lake…that’s the best.

I like Thornbrook a whole ton, but I’m working on transitioning my mind to life in Ohio at Miami University. To school. To assignments. To work. To pursuing my passion. To life with roommates [who aren’t my parents]. To meeting new people. And to continuing my greatest passion in life…learning. I’ve learned a heck of a lot at and am beyond thankful I was able to spend a summer doing something so healthy, productive, rewarding, challenging, frustrating, beautiful, and new.



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