OHIO (week one)

I’ve been here in [OHIO] for a week…and here’s what I can tell you. I go to bed too late. I love decorating my room. Cooking is a “learner’s” game. It’s an endless creative experiment. Crafts are my jam. Thrift stores have been [and continue to be] the bomb. And last, but not least, Ohio drivers are actually the worst. Seriously. Not even comparable to anywhere else I’ve personally ever driven. Milwaukee. Chicago. Greece. Los Angeles. Hollywood. Indianapolis. Like honestly.

I’ve seen three car accidents. Already. One involved about 5 vehicles [smashed up] bumper-to-bumper in the city. One involved a few vehicles on the highway, rain, & a median. And today was a car and a pole. A pole in someone’s front yard. In broad daylight. In like a 35 mph zone. Like c’mon. I either see an accident. The aftermath of an accident. Or crappy-junked cars that survived their accident ((just enough)) to still be present on the road. And it’s terrifying.

But aside from that, life is good!

I’ve settled into my apartment pretty well. I have two roommates. We each have our own bedroom and bathroom (within the bedroom). So the common space includes the living room, kitchen annnnnd laundry room! πŸ˜€ Which I’m pretty excited about. We each have our own individual storage closets as well. So that’s pretty neat!

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In terms of cooking. I’m having an adventurous time. If you want to follow those experiments. I just started a blog solely dedicated to that passion: Awaken Happy (awakenhappy.com). So feel free to join me on that real-food journey! This week I’ve experimented with a few new recipes: hummus (X), raspberry/lemon whole-wheat muffins (βœ“βœ“βœ“), sour cream based chicken salad (βœ“βœ“), baked sweet potato chips (βœ“βœ“)…annnnd a few others! I don’t think I butchered the hummus situation…I just don’t think I’m much of a hummus girl. So that’s that.

Let’s see. I started training at my graduate assistantship with Career Services this past Wednesday. And I genuinely am enjoying it so far. Great supervisor. The staff I have met with so far have been wonderfully helpful. And I’m looking forward to a productive week of training this coming week before classes start up on August 25th! My responsibilities will primarily include supervision/training of our peer mentors (undergrads) or our “student staff” in the office. And eventually – within a month or two – I will actually be advising students one-on-one!

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Hmm. I had a chance to meet the majority of my cohort. [Cohort: a group of people banded together or treated as a group.] In other words, my “graduating class” who are in the same program as me. Which is called “SAHE”: Student Affairs and Higher Education. And there’s about 25 of us in that 2016 group. We met up at Orange Leaf…a froyo place in Oxford. So that was pretty sweet. Pun intended.

Mmm one last important thing. My parents helped me move in last Saturday…so that was nice. They’re nice humans. If you want to do me/them a huge favor, you could buy their house. [Anyway], we went shopping and found an awesome thrift store. It’s called, “Valley Thrift” and it’s about a half hour away from me. It’s like Goodwill…but I think the “goodwill” part is [apart] from this place. I don’t believe they have any charity partnered with their business…meaning it’s for-profit. So it’s like a ginormous [GINORMOUS] rummage sale. Organized…a little. And full of super cheap surprises. Like today I went and got two mini mason jars, a cheese grater, a picture frame and two cute tins for a grand total of $1.24 haha laugh-worthy. Each of the four “items” I listed were 29 cents each. Crazy.

And I did this little DIY tonight with my 29 cent frame! Painting was done with a toothbrush and fabric paint. Because ya use what ya got.

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And that’s about it. I’ll keep you posted. Especially if I spot any good Ohio drivers.



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