Happy December.

I’ve been less than satisfactory at blogging thus far, but that’s only because I write 17,000 pages a day for school. Plus, I’m a little afraid of developing carpal tunnel and forgetting how to communicate audibly. Alas, here is an attempt at summing up the semester for ye.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the best part of grad school is the people. I’m incredibly lucky to have randomly roomed with J-Tay and Lil’ Nicky. It may have started out a little rough when J-Tay told Lil’ Nicky that she didn’t think I would be very social (still not too thrilled about that -_-), but all is well. We decorated our apartment yesterday (& put up a tree!), re-signed our lease for next year, and shared family dinner while watching the Packer game. Our cohort is full of some beautiful people. Pure gold. My professors are fabulous and I’m dreading the fact that Peter Magolda is peacing out in the next few weeks… for something called retirement.

It’s strange to think how much has changed in a year. J-Tay and I were just talking about applying to SAHE – the deadline was one year ago today. I actually didn’t start looking at grad schools until about 2 weeks before the deadline. Much stress. But oh so thankful. I remember my advisor asking me if the only thing holding me back was the deadline. “If so,” she said, “…then go for it. I know you can get it done.”

But like I’ve said before, SAHE is definitely more academic than I anticipated. I didn’t know too much about the program before beginning classes, but it’s a lot of work. It’s not necessarily hard in terms of grasping material, but I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to feel caught up. You’re always working on a paper or two. And over the next week and a half I think I have 30ish pages to write between my 3 classes. Cheers. But I’ve learned a whole bunch and have truly enjoyed my semester.

Aside from academics, work is good. I’ve been advising students since the second week and it’s no longer scary. They’re nice to me. So that’s good. Next semester I will continue my assistantship with Career Services and also begin a practicum (internship) with the Center for Civic Engagement (Volunteering/Service) at the Hamilton Campus. Miami University has regional campuses which are about 30-45 minutes away from the main campus in Oxford. Details aside, it’s basically a branch school with different students, faculty, and staff. I will primarily be planning service-related events and am incredibly excited to work with a different population of students on a smaller campus.

I also have a new car! A Chevy Malibu LT. This is the result of Rhonda’s dilapidation. She developed some overheating issues a couple of years ago and would refuse to start on hot days after driving 30+ miles. Then we would play this game called, sit in the parking lot/driveway/gas station for an hour and wait for her to start. Then on November 16th (Happy Birthday Dad), my [lucky] friend and I were driving back to Oxford when Rhonda threw a tantrum. Flashing red lights. Smoke. And long story short, we were blessed with the unique opportunity of riding in a tow truck. Yay. Welcome Chevy Malibu.

Let’s see, other than that, Thanksgiving was wonderful. Flew home this time so I didn’t have to do the 16 hour round trip drive again [complete with a nap in the McDonald’s parking lot]. We spent Thanksgiving in Fond du Lac (for the first time), so I saw all the grandparents, went to the Badger game with my Uncle and cousins, and last, but obviously not least, I played with my pets every day and night. I’m pretty sure they think I’m annoying, but I’m over it.

This is my last week of class, so I only have 3 classes left for the semester. Then some papers and work. All done on December 11th. Topping the semester off with an uglee sweatah pardee and a trip to see the Nutcracker with my beautiful roomies. Annnd my seestah is coming to Oxford in less than two weeks. We’re going to hang out for a couple days before driving to Wisconsin for the Holly Days. Pretty excited to see her little face. It’s been about 5 months!

I did my best to exclude any APA formatting from this blog post. It rules my life with an iron fist. I noticed that I hadn’t used any contractions the first time around, so I went back and added them in.

The end.


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