Here’s Two Months Worth. #sorrynotsorry

Tomorrow marks two months since my last blog post – sorry Grandmas! I really have missed blogging, but was not in the mindset to blog over break. I actually got sick of writing. So that can happen.

Break was wonderful. I was incredibly lucky because I was able to see nearly everyone I could have hoped to. Spent a little time in Markesan, Fond du Lac, Green Bay, and Sheboygan. Christmas and New Year’s traditions changed a little this year – but they allowed us to spend (what could be) our last Christmas in Markesan. In past years, Sarah and I have gone to Minneapolis for New Years, but this year we went our separate ways and at the last minute, every one of my senior year roomies were able to get together to ring in 2015. There’s not too many events that can make you that nostalgic for your undergrad years.

Speaking of which, nostalgia has been high on every level recently. It’s been two years since I began my semester in Ireland. When I reflect on that experience, it kind of feels like a different life. Yet, I can’t even believe that two years have already passed. We still have an active Facebook group with our core Ireland friends. It never fails to bring back some of the smallest, yet most memorable moments. And while I do genuinely love my time in Oxford, I miss my friends from undergrad more than I could have imagined. I anticipated leaving the physical location of St. Norbert/De Pere would be difficult, but it is definitely a strain on my lil’ heart to be an 8+ hour drive (or flight) away from some of my favorite people. If only I could merge Oxford and Wisconsin and have all of my people in one place.

Let’s see, I left WI about 3 weeks ago. The first 6 days of that I spent in downtown Chicago working for Career Services. We partnered with the College of Arts and Sciences to put on an event called Inside Chicago. Along with a group of Miami undergraduate students, we visited 2-5 businesses/start-ups/fancy-pants companies each day to meet with Miami Alum, learn more about opportunities at the company, get a feel for the culture, and network with some amazing individuals. It really was a wonderful event. Made me rethink my life just a bit. And spending time in downtown Chicago was an exciting change of pace!

After that week, I returned to Ohio, sat around for a week, got my life together, and prepped for work and class to begin again. Like you know, I am still working with Career Services – that’s where I am for the entirety of my 2 year program. But in addition to that position, I am now teaching a class! As someone who declared that I was going to be a teacher from 1st grade to senior year of high school, it’s definitely an exciting adventure. I am co-teaching the class (The Nature of Group Leadership) with Jade, my roommate (and SAHE colleague). Last week we had our first session and it went incredibly well – an enjoyable start!

On top of Career Services and teaching, I am taking three classes this semester: (1) Foundations of Educational Research in Higher Education, (2) Student Development Theory I, and (3) Practicum. The first is literally just that, an introduction to research design. This looks at both qualitative (not numbers) and quantitative (numbers) research. The second class looks at student development. So this means that we will be learning about how students develop through their experiences – how students understand themselves, their relationships with others, and knowledge as a whole. It’s going to be a very reflective class and I’m sure I will learn a whole lot about myself. The last class, practicum, really accompanies my experience teaching. The material we read and discuss in this class will be something I can apply to my work as an instructor, but also as an advisor, supervisor, and mentor.

Let’s see, looking forward, I’m pretty stoked for Spring Break this year! Last year I was able to go to Santa Barbie to visit my seester and Dan with Miranda, Sarah, and Nichole. And this year, Jena, JoAnna, Taylor, and I are heading to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Even though it’s 48 days away annnnd I just had a break, I’m still pretty excited.

Other than that, I’m in the middle of the internship interview process. So as part of my master’s program, it is the plan to obtain an internship this summer. My hope is to work in summer/fall orientation. So essentially that means I’ll be working at a college or university and assisting with the orientation programs first-year/freshman students experience when they are first attending school. I’m most excited to supervise and train some undergraduate leaders and just be part of that really exciting time of life! Can’t believe that my freshman orientation was over 4.5 years ago. Crazy business. I have interviewed with 5 schools thus far, 3 to go. So I hope I will have some good news to share with you all in the coming weeks. Possible locations include CA, WA, WI, PA, NJ, and NC.

These blogs obviously accomplish my main purpose of updating you all on my life (and my secondary purpose – aiding in my own memory), but please keep me updated on your lives as well!! I’m the worst at reaching out, but I truly care about every awesome thing you’re doing.

Kate, Sarah, Katie, Erik, Chelsea, and Maggs are busy being amazing teachers. I seriously admire your dedication (conveyed through your little Snapchats and posts). Jena and Miranda are being successful lil’ humans at Schneider National. Sarah is getting work done at Dental City. Amanda, Amanda, and Mary are on this grad school train with me. Hannah, Danny (and all your kewl frenz) are being real adults at Acuity. Meghan and Devcat are living it up in GB. Lil’ Nicky has started her big girl job doing big girl things at an engineering company. Tay Baby changes lives on the daily at the Boys and Girls Club. Kaylabeans is busy wedding planning and managing business at Hertz. Jojo is being a bomb dig coach and prepping for grad school life. Kate Glodinski is being a cool cat at American Family Insurance. Kaitlin is dealing with every health related thing I never want to encounter. Sarah and Dan are out in Cali being successful Santa Barbara residents.  And the parents are working on the golf course [to the extent they can] and going about business at Riley Electrical Supply. I could go on and on and on, but seriously you’re all amazing people doing wonderful things.

Hope you’re all happy I just updated the world on your lives. Love you.




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