Today, my heart hurts.

To provide context: http://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/local/butlercounty/2015/02/01/police-2-dead-near-miami-university/22695117/

As I sit here in my apartment, my heart hurts. I’ve cried for people who I never knew…their families, their roommates, their friends, and the police officers involved in the case. Today I drove home to Level 27 and as I passed the news reporter setting his camera up – solely to film the Level 27 sign – I found myself angry about how the media chooses to sensationalize tragedy.

Yesterday I woke up to Super Bowl Sunday and began to read for class. While sitting at my desk, I looked out my window and saw two police officers putting up “POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS” tape. Initially my stomach dropped, only to assume that it must be something minor. That thought was quickly followed by a sense of shock that only accompanies unexpected death. I received a text informing me of the situation and double-checked the report online. I immediately felt sick and immensely sad as I imagined the impact this was having on way too many beautiful people.

I cry today thinking about how I was walls away from someone who was hurting so much. I realize there’s nothing anyone can do to go back and prevent this senseless act, but it opens my eyes to the fragility of life and the hurt people carry around each day.

Life is fragile. Difficult. Unfair. And inexplicable.

But it’s also full of beautiful people.

People who are strong. Helpful. Fair. And understanding.


Writing is how I handle sadness. Hugs make me sadder. So does talking. But I appreciate the sincere offers. You’re all amazing humans.


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