Stream of Consciousness. Forward, March!

Hello friends.

So it’s been 44 days since my last post. I thought last semester went by quickly, but this semester is flying. I have one more class this afternoon and then it’s just about spring break time!

What’s new?! In short:

  1. I’m loving this new, beautiful weather. It was 72 degrees on Monday! Today it’s only 52, but I’m hopeful. 🙂 It’s crazy how the weather impacts the attitude and feel of campus. Pretty sure the sun injects contagious happiness into people.
  2. I still think Ohio drivers are the worst of all things. They literally hog the road and have no consideration for hanging over the center line.
  3. I still like my roommates. J-Tay & Lil’ Nicky are some beautiful people.
  4. The ants in our apartment are GONE. They arrived about a month ago – in the middle of the winter – and found great accommodation in and around our sink. Disgusting. A horrible surprise. But nonetheless, gone.
  5. I’m 23! Just celebrated my birthday on Tuesday and I was lucky enough to spend it with some great humans.
  6. Cards and surprise deliveries never get old. But I can tell my friends are becoming real adults because they’re out here sending me cards that arrive on time, sharing thoughtful gifts, and buying me meals and drinks. Crazy kids.
  7. I finally learned how to actually play Mancala. That’s one of those games that existed in our house growing up, but Sarah and I literally made up our own rules every time we touched the board. So I think that’s a worthy accomplishment.
  8. I LOVE teaching. Most of you know that it was my intention to be a teacher from about kindergarten to senior year of high school and I’ve come full circle back to that idea. This time around it’s with college kids. So very different than first graders. But I genuinely enjoy teaching my class this semester. Without a doubt, one of the best parts of my week.
  9. I’m heading to Florida on Saturday morning! Meeting Jena, JoJo, and Taylor there (roommates from undergrad)… so we’re pretty pumped for that. Ready to do nothing but lay on the beach, throw around a peewee-size football, and drink water [and/or alcohol] to stay *hydrated.
  10. We went to an ice cream place in Hamilton, OH called Flub’s on Tuesday. I’m still mad at the name.
  11. I’m still not sure what I’m doing this summer in terms of an internship. Plans are up in the air, but everything should be confirmed relatively soon! I’ll keep you posted on that one.
  12. My phone was all finicky and decided NOT to charge for about 90% of the time in Jan./Feb. So after a super long process, I was advanced to a senior advisor with Apple, Kim Nagore, and now I devote every WCW (Women Crush Wednesday) to her. Handled everything so efficiently and thoughtfully AND gave me $80 of credit that bought me a new iHome. Much love.
  13. The recent weather has been great for runs around the apartment complex. Cold enough to keep you happy, warm enough so you can still feel your legs. Two thumbs up for that.
  14. I miss my family and friends. Miami is wonderful, but I wish it was more convenient for me to see everyone I love. This summer will bring about some much needed visiting, but I’m getting a bit impatient!
  15. I miss my pets. Every other day (give or take) I debate getting a pet. But with that comes responsibility, cost, and reduced flexibility. But on the other side comes, happiness, cuddles, and friendship. So it’s a toss up.
  16. In terms of academics, this semester is easier than last semester. Either that, or I’m simply more relaxed and adjusted to the grad school life. We’ll go with a combination of both.
  17. By the way things are looking now, I should be teaching two classes next semester. So I’m beyond excited about that!
  18. I still am astounded by how quickly my room becomes a disaster. It’s clean one day and then I’m met with an indecisive and particularly picky morning trying to get dressed…and CHAOS/EXPLOSION. That’s something that needs to be worked on.
  19. From what I can tell from FaceTime and pictures, Thornbrook Golf Course is coming together quite nicely this spring. It is my full intention to be back in May to help out. So that’s exciting. Go team. Go parents.
  20. We watched the Sound of Music Special last night on ABC. Pretty wonderful. The music from that movie never gets old, but the number of times Diane Sawyer said, “This is the REAL [insert word related to Maria von Trapp]…” got old super quickly.
  21. I despise emails.
  22. My cousin’s aunt and my aunt had the opportunity to meet Jordy Nelson on my birthday!! They were so incredibly thoughtful to bring along a poster for him to sign for me. Happy Birthday to me thanks to them! And they confirmed how wonderful and genuine Jordy truly is. ❤ 87
  23. Last, but not least, I’m happy. 🙂

Cheerio friends.


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