This World. I Can’t Get Enough of It.

Hello friends.

Greeting from Ohio. Where’s it’s April 8th and going to be 79 degrees tomorrow. Crazy state! Today it thunder-stormed and I loved every second of it. I sat in my co-worker’s [Angelina’s] office [because we like to play study hall] and we listened to Raindrops on Roses and did work. Like cool kids. She makes my life better. As do all of you.

Anyway, big travels have been happening over the past few weeks! I went to Ft. Lauderdale, FL for spring break and just got back from a weekend in Nashville. While the lack of sleep and the abundance of traveling has left me feeling like my life’s falling apart, it has all been worth it.

Florida was pretty wonderful. I arrived on my lonesome on Saturday, March 21st and practiced the whole I’m-on-vacation-by-myself gig. Nope. Not for this girl. Luckily, three of my friends from undergrad arrived at about 1:00 am that night. And although they woke me up with their phone call saying they had landed, I was pretty pumped to see them. And we picked up right where we left off. As the cliche-est saying goes.

We actually spent everyday on the beach and would not have had it any other way. Aside from the sunburn part. We used sunscreen… but not enough the first day. Then we proceeded to go through 6 spray bottles over the next 5 days. We also spent an immense amount of time in the water and saw a crab floating on a leaf. Not to mention the fact that I touched two fish with my feet. That was a highlight of my trip and I think they liked me. Other than those wildlife creatures, there was a purple flag flying on the beach which = dangerous marine life. So like the good friend she is, Taylor Paxton went and asked the lifeguard what exactly had been spotted and the answer was “man o’ war jellyfish”. But luckily we didn’t happen upon any!

One night we had pizza and ice cream on the broadwalk. It’s called the BRoad walk, not the Boardwalk. Strange. We were also able to watch the Badger game at a bar on the beach, so that was convenient! Otherwise, our week was full of uber and lyft rides, beach drinks, sunshine, unfortunate bars/”clubs” [one with awful free drinks, one with an awful human bar tending] – we requested our cover charge back from one //SPICE// and left the other after slamming our drinks and not leaving a tip. Peace out unfriendly man. May the odds be never in your favor.

The most memorable portion of our trip may have been the “dead” cockroach we found on the floor of our kitchen one morning. JoAnna found it. Lying on it’s back all calm & still. I was filling a bowl with cereal at the time and turned around to say, “Well, at least it’s dead.” Then I proceeded to fill my bowl with milk only to turn around and see its legs spastically shooting about. Lil’ expletive. You crazy prehistoric monster. So naturally I let my cereal get soggy as I paced around contemplating what to do with it. It didn’t have the ability to turn itself onto its stomach – thank the universe. So I found a dust pan and a Cheezit box and packed it up for removal. Terrifying.

Oh, and the other worst thing… we lost Taylor’s peewee size football. Just left it on the beach like fools. Such madness.

A few other cool things:

1) We went to a country bar and J-Paul line danced like a pro.
2) I made it through the week by only packing a personal item, because I was too cheap to pay $30 for a carry-on or checked bag. It’s one of my prouder accomplishments.
3) We went into the ocean at 3 am and then laid under the stars. Like a movie. But actually. Best of the memories.

It was a beautiful week with beautiful people.

After returning from spring break, I went to school for a week. So that was an unfortunate transition. Then this past weekend, April 3-5, Steve and I went to Nashville! We stopped in Kentucky along the way for some Barbecue at Shack in the Back. The best macaroni. Yummay. And we happened upon some terrible flooding. Luckily it was avoidable. We arrived Friday night and I was able to spend some time being toured around Nashville with Josiah. On Saturday we walked 5.5 miles. Like professional tourists. He took me to the Parthenon, Farmer’s Market, Grand Ole Opry Hotel [amazing], and downtown Nashville. A beautiful day! On Sunday [Easter time] I joined Steve and his friends for the day. Complete with an egg war, Parthenon Round II, CATS (not the show… actual, cuddly, lap, fantastic, cats), and then we went to a show in the evening. Which my parents were able to tune into from Wisconsin… like they were right there with me. 🙂 Steve and I returned to OH that night [because I had to be back for work] and we arrived back in Oxford at the crack of dawn. But actually. Hello sun.

Speaking of my parents, I miss them. Haven’t seen them since January 11th and I’m about ready! Just a month more before I’ll be returning to WI.

So let me brief you on that. I’ll be returning to WI for part of the summah! Looking forward to reuniting with the family and friends. A semester away is a little too long. Didn’t think I would do it again after Ireland, but it seems to have happened. So the hope is to be in WI from early-ish May to mid-June depending on my work schedule. In terms of summer work, I am staying with Career Services in Oxford. It allows me the flexibility to see my family, help at the golf course, be around for multiple weddings in WI, take a class in June/July, and have a relatively relaxing summer. Looking forward to it.

Let’s see, what’s missing…

  1. I have about 4 weeks of class left. Which is nothing /relative to the year/. Crazy fast.
  2. I’ve lost 15 lbs since August and I feel healthier than ever. So I’m pretty stoked about that.
  3. I love teaching. As I’ve already said, but today I realized just how much energy it gives me. Seriously. I’m lucky to have such a wonderful class.
  4. I still think about getting a cat and my exposure to them in Nashville refueled that desire.
  5. I can’t wait to reunite with my cute lil’ pets. They miss me.
  6. The golf course is awaiting my return. I am so excited to see my parents’ hard work in person. The Facetime tours are great, but I can’t wait to be standing there with them.
  7. I’m excited for farmer’s markets, bike rides, and spending time with beautiful people this summer.
  8. I’ve missed blogging. Usually when I feel off, I’ve come to learn that I can fulfill that void by working out or writing, or both. So that’s a sweet deal.

“We all need space & reflection. Like ocean waves, we need to retreat before we can build more strength in what we’re doing. This reveals itself in almost all areas of our life: work, love, friendship, fitness, flexibility, connection, creativity. Trust these natural cycles.” – Victoria Erickson

Love you all. Miss your faces.

I hope you’re spending time exactly as you wish. Making time for your favorite humans. ❤ If not, get at it.


2 thoughts on “This World. I Can’t Get Enough of It.

  1. WHAT!, You went swimming in the ocean at 3am… Nobody that watched the original “JAWS” movie ever goes into the ocean after midnight! [Disclaimer: Need to be approx. 45-55 yrs. old for this statement to be true] Everyone knows this is when the ocean turns black and a large shark will latch on to any of your floating limbs and toss you around like a rag doll across the ocean waves, back and fourth for like 20 seconds and then pull you under! The deafening screams will subside to complete silence… At that point the rest of your friends that just witnessed this horrific scene will all develop Olympic swimming speed as they high-tail it to shore. At that point you realize that you don’t need to be the quickest swimmer, you just don’t want to be the slowest! [He, he, he…]

    P.S. Glad your travels are relaxing and your school & work are rewarding! Nice to have figured that out at your young age. 🙂

    P.S.S. You can count on [1] hug from me when you are back home!

    Uncle Tim

    • Only [1] hug?! I expect more. And luckily none of the above horrifying incidents occurred in the ocean. Doesn’t mean there wasn’t the potential. I think we were a little naive, but we survived. And that’s all that matters. 🙂 Thanks for reading, as always! Look forward to seeing you soon! Love you!

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