It’s about time. A blog post.

Well happy summer, friends.

I am back in Oxford, OH (have been for two weeks aready)! After spending 5 wonderful weeks in the beautiful state of WI! I was so incredibly happy to be reunited with roads without potholes; drivers who use cruise control and go at least 7 over the speed limit; and my family, friends, & pets. I didn’t think I’d do the 5 months away from home thing again, but it happened. And being back was great. I traded in classrooms for a clubhouse, my car for a golf cart (& my feet), and writing for mowing.

My second semester of grad school flew by – as usual. My second semester I took research, practicum (teaching), and student development theory (Theory I). I loved Theory. It was an eye-opening class filled with some wonderful cohort-mates and a fantastic instructor, Elisa Abes. In this class we learn about basic theoretical perspectives that help explain how college students develop as people. Essentially these theories help us (as educators) understand how students come to understand themselves and the world around them. I liked it so much that I decided to pursue this as my concentration. All this means is I’ll be taking two more classes related to it, just because I like it so much. There were only 10 of us in the course, which made our discussions that much deeper and honest. So great.

Other than that, I cannot grasp the fact that I graduated over a year ago already. Or the fact that I’m halfway done with grad school. What a crazy fast time of life. While I was home, I stood up in Alyssa Berndt’s wedding (a friend from high school) on the 13th in WI. A beautiful, beautiful wedding. The day after the wedding I headed back to Oxford to start class on the 15th with Elisa again – this time, qualitative research. I am also working part-time with Career Services for the next 6 weeks before heading back to WI again for a few big things [including my cousin’s wedding!]. And besides those plans, I’ll be spending the rest of my time swimming in the Level 27 pool; buying all the things at the Farmer’s market; biking, playing Frisbee, cooking, and enjoying the beautiful sunshine [if it ever comes out]. And guess what?! This Thursday we’re heading to St. Louis to reunite with our long-lost roommate, J-Tay!!!!! So excited. It’s a birthday re-do weekend, because we missed it. 😦

In the past two weeks I have gone to Cincinnati for a birthday dinner at A Tavola (pizza), in addition to a Reds’ game and dinner at Brothers at Newport on the Levee. Steve and I bought like 15 golf clubs & a bag for $2 at a local thrift store and went to the driving range [first of many]… because I forgot to bring clubs back with me, it’s not like we have a shortage [*one of the many times I have rolled my eyes at myself]. Let’s see, we also had a cookout //kebabs// and a pool party. Oh, and we’re going to the Columbus Zoo tomorrow. HI JACK HANNAH + PRIMATES. πŸ™‚

Beyond that update, I’ve had a lot of thoughts over the past few weeks, so this seems to be the most efficient sharing option:

  1. Baby bunnies make my soul happy. But the dog needs to keep them out of her mouth //Missy//.
  2. I wish I could have all my friends and family in one place. Huddle up, kids.
  3. Stapling landscape fabric to a ceiling is the worst job I’ve ever done. Seriously.
  4. There’s nothing like mowing without a sports bra on to remind you that you’re a lady.
  5. Our golf course is beautiful.
  6. I miss my roommates. // I’m happy to be reunited.
  7. Taylor Paxton DeBroux needs a roller-blade trainer. But actually.
  8. I wish I wasn’t allergic to my cats.
  9. Sometimes I roll my eyes at myself.
  10. June in Oxford is the rainiest of rainy days.
  11. I love thunder.
  12. I wish I could work at the golf course every day. I already miss it.
  13. I can’t wait to visit my grandparents + Lake Imogene this summer.
  14. Burpees may be the death of me.
  15. Bullfrogs are half cute and half creepy. And incredibly loud.
  16. We haven’t turned on the A/C all summer and our apartment is 73 degrees. #savingmoneylikebosses
  17. Love Wins. And that’s pretty beautiful.
  18. Scott Walker is incompetent.
  19. I miss my sister.
  20. I wish home + Oxford were separated by /significantly/ less than 8+ hours.

The end.


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