the electric toothbrush escapade

So, here’s the deal. [A long time ago… like 2 years] my dentist recommended I use an electric toothbrush. For “gum health” and all that jazz. While packing up my apartment, I found said electric toothbrush that I brought with me (when I moved into my apartment 21 months ago), but better late than never, right?


It was a terrible experience from beginning to end.

I attached the two pieces to each other and turned it on. Everything worked correctly, it seemed a little aggressive, but people use these things all the time, so onward. I put on my toothpaste, turn on the toothbrush, and surprise attack, the toothbrush vibrates so aggressively that the toothpaste flings off into the sink. Not only did I lose my toothpaste, but I then had to deal with washing down a glob that doesn’t fit through the drain without manual labor. Lesson learned.

Round two. This time I smashed the toothpaste into the bristles (to ensure adherence), put the toothbrush inside my mouth, and then turn it on. From there, things went down hill. Not only was it beyond ticklish, but in addition, I hit my tooth and literally think I shaved off a milimeter of enamel. Turbo charged. I can’t. Thennnn I thought, “Maybe it just takes getting used to…”, so I kept at it. But I needed to rinse my tooth brush off which definitely did not happen without splattering water EVERYWHERE. Actual disaster.

I am still deciding if I want to give it another chance. I realize many of the problems were user-error [and I take all the blame and/or credit for that] but the electric toothbrush just seems like it produces unnecessary and avoidable risk. #adayinthelife

In the midst of that chaos, this week I turned in my last paper for grad school, wrapped up my job (last day was 5/9), secured an apartment (yesterday!), and have nearly packed up my belongings. So while the toothbrush story does little to prove I’m a successful adult, it’s still a toss up.

So what’s new? Almost everything. I graduate this Saturday, May 14; I move back to Wisconsin on Wednesday, May 18; I move into my own apartment (Downtown Madison!) on Monday, May 23; and I begin my job on Monday, June 13. Life’s an adventure. My short-distance relationships become long, and my long-distance relationships become short. And as a relationship-driven, highly emotional being, the tears are stockpiling. Only time will tell how long the flood gates will remain closed.

But alas.

For those of you who don’t know, come June 13, I will be a Career Consultant with the School of Education Career Center at UW-Madison. This means I work with students on their career development. This includes everything from reviewing a student’s resume, to building relationships with employers who want to recruit & hire UW-Madison students. I’m really attracted to the variety of responsibilities in this position.

What else… this is the first time in my life without roommates. The past 6 years have consisted of: 1 roommate, 7 roommates, 5 roommates, 2 roommates, 5 roommates, and 2 roommates. I’m not really sure what to expect. Loneliness? Freedom? Autonomy? Cleanliness? Clutteredness? Happiness? Sadness? Regret? But right now, I’m excited. I’m excited to decorate things exactly how I want them. I’m excited to leave my skivvies around and not think about them. And I’m excited to be “I-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t”. It’s sure to be an experience full of stories like “the electric toothbrush escapade”, so stay tuned. I can only keep my life together for so long.

Cheers beautiful people.


2 thoughts on “the electric toothbrush escapade

  1. I have enjoyed following your blog over the past years. Congratulations on your graduation and first post-school job! They are lucky to have you. “Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good. by Minor Myers Jr.”

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