We are better than this.

I woke up in a country where people finally realize white men can literally say, do, and be anything they want.

But if you hold any other identities, you have to fight for your own damn body.
Your health.
You have to fight for your voice.
To be heard.
Listened to.
You have to champion for your right to love.
To be.
You have to protect your actual breath.

I woke up in an america that thinks it’s better to throw a tantrum at the current state of politics, than make sustainable change.

Where bullies are commended for their efforts.

Where LGBTQIA+ folks, black people, brown people, Muslims, Latino/as, immigrants, women, people of color –

are [silenced].

I woke up in a country that pulled the sheet /hood\ off of racism.

A country that blatantly perpetuates rape culture.

Where over 59 million people support a man who makes fun of people with disabilities.

Who thinks Mexicans are rapists.

Who declares that global warming is a hoax invented by the Chinese.

This is White Supremacy.
This is sexism.
This is misogyny.
This is racism.
This is ableism.
This is xenophobia.
This is fear-mongering.

This is ignorance.
A lack of education.
An exploitation of the uninformed.

I will fight for what is good and right and honest in this world.

My children will know I voted against this. They will know I fought for equity. For the marginalized. For myself. For them.

They will see me fight for equity. For the marginalized. For myself. And for them.

They will know that 59,248,753+ people were confident a woman was more qualified to represent our people than a reality tv, billionaire who suppresses anyone he disagrees with. Anyone who is different than him.

My children will understand the outcome of this election was the result of anger, ignorance, fear, and blind allegiance.

Not a win by racist, sexist, misogynistic bullies.

We will rise up.

To the marginalized in this country, you are loved. You are valued. You are strong. You are resilient.

I am loved. I am valued. I am strong. I am resilient.

To Trump supporters, you are not inherently bad. But you are undeniably responsible.

You are the type of uniformed voter and citizen I will teach my children about.

It is time to educate.
To fight.
To become more.

We are better than this.
We are better than this.
We are better than this.

We are how we treat each other and nothing more.” – The Alternate Routes


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