This is what happened when I chose uncertainty over unhappiness

Oh, 2016.

You have been unexpected. Wild. Stressful. Rewarding. Emotional. Chaotic.

I resigned from a full-time position on Monday, September 19, 2016, with an official end date of Monday, October 3. Talk about being sweaty. Even the right decision can be incredibly difficult to actualize. While I won’t go into details of my resignation, I have never regretted my choice.

I didn’t quit with a new job in hand. I didn’t have a detailed plan for the future. But I did have values. Core values that will forever and for always guide my personal and professional decisions. Furthermore, I had the passion and drive to discover and achieve more.

I recently read a quote that sums up my decision to peace out.

“People will choose unhappiness over uncertainty.” – Timothy Ferriss

I refuse to be one of those people.

I refuse to choose unhappiness because I’m afraid of the unknown.

Was my decision risky? Quite. Would I recommend it to others? Rarely. But was it the right decision for me? Undoubtedly.

For the next two weeks, I applied to full-time positions and interviewed with several companies. I was excited by the opportunities and dedicated to the job search. In the meantime, I reflected. I continued to write. I spent days at the public library checking out books and learning from the best. I scoured the internet for paid writing opportunities, researched strategies, success stories, and tips for starting. And it paid off.

On October 15, I launched my freelance writing career. I love writing, have a passion for higher education, and am drawn to career and professional development. Entrepreneurial adventures and creative businesses excite me. Suddenly – and quite abruptly – I found myself at the intersection of every one of these interests.

As a writer, I focus on telling nonfiction stories in an innovative way. I write resumes, CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn® profiles, biographies, and creative business copy. I’m semi-obsessed with what I do.

I don’t have words to fully describe the feeling. I am fulfilled, challenged, and rewarded. Each day is different. I wake up excited. The continuous learning is an academic’s dream. And I am grateful.

Two months into my newest adventure, I have teamed up with over 45 individuals and businesses to turn their ideas and stories into engaging, bold, and persuasive content. I create documents to align them with career opportunities they are passionate about. And I string together creative words to propel their businesses forward.

I work with startups, collaborate with professionals, and recently joined the #1 internship website, internships.com (Chegg), as a contributor.

Pretty sweet, right?

I truly believe in daring to begin. Daring to say, This might not be typical, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Embrace uncertainty.

It might lead you exactly where you want to be.



2 thoughts on “This is what happened when I chose uncertainty over unhappiness

  1. Unfortunately, I’m one of those who chose “unhappiness over uncertainty”… I mean, I work with your Mom & Dad everyday…. [Ha, ha…]

    Good for you Lola!,
    Love Uncle Tim

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