Here are my 2 cents (or 1.6 cents given the 20% gender wage gap).

Given my typical audience, I realize I’m largely preaching to the choir, but I’m okay with that. Hang with me if you can handle another political post. I did a really novel thing here when I tried to combine intellect with politics, so that may be refreshing.

Alas, here’s my big, yet rhetorical, question:

When did advocacy become synonymous with “whining”?

Here’s the deal. Today (1/21/17) marks one of the most historic days I’ll ever witness. Millions of people on every continent advocating for not only women’s rights, but the rights of all people. Accounting for intersectional identities and privilege and contrasting realities.

The coolest part? The march wasn’t founded on saving planned parenthood. Or DAPL. Or reproductive rights. Or climate change. Or dreamers. The march[es] represented every single one of those issues. And the uniting beliefs? Respect. Kindness. Equality. Equity. Compassion.

How empowering is that?

Pretty sweet in my honest opinion. But here’s what really grinds my gears. When people refer to the people who are marching as “whiners”. Come. On.

By definition, a whiner is someone who “complains in a self-pitying way”. That’s so far from the truth. It’s actually so ridiculous I shouldn’t even waste spend time writing about it, but I had a spare minute, so here we both are.


No. These people are advocates. They are advocating for their rights. Their children’s rights. The rights of their sisters, brothers, parents, and friends. An advocate is someone who acts in support or defense of a person. This requires a tangible effort. Don’t try to tell me they’re whining.


No. They are fighters. If you watch even a minute of news coverage, you will understand the grave emotion that fueled one of the largest worldwide demonstrations. These are informed citizens who are not going away. The marches visually represent a grassroots movement that grows with pressure. That rises up when stepped upon. Don’t tell me they’re whiners.


No. They are change agents. Whiners cry. They sulk. They wallow in self-pity. The people who made history today are change agents. They’re activists bringing about real change. They are empowered to make a difference. To bring about equity. To reject hate. They are not whiners.

As my favorite politician said, “By trying to divide us up by race, religion, gender and nationality you have actually brought us closer together. Black, white, Latino, Native American and Asian-American, gay or straight, male or female, native born or immigrant we will fight bigotry and create a government based on love and compassion, not hatred and divisiveness.”

[Bernie Sanders]

But actually, if someone has the .4 cents I’m missing, I could actually use it.



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